Dump Trucks

 Clearing & Leveling Properties on Kauai

Dirt removal on Kauai requires an expert knowledge of the terrain, because Kauai has an especially rocky and rugged terrain. When Wayne’s shows up to remove your dirt and other earthen materials we bring Bobcat tractors that have no fear of rugged terrain. We have cleared and leveled many properties on Kauai and always leave the foundations flat and smooth, ready to start your building project.


Removing dirt and rock from your property can be a tricky job, Wayne’s  crews are experts at getting to hard to reach materials on the sides of houses, backyards and front-yards with very little space to maneuver. We can squeeze our Bobcat tractors into the smallest of areas, and we always show greatest amount of respect for your property when we are removing dirt. We know where water mains are located, we work with KIUC to ensure that all power  lines are respected as well. We even work with Landscapers and Gardner’s to ensure that we are not damaging any sprinkler lines, grass or brush while excavating dirt, rock, sod, sand or gravel from your property.

Professionalism, Accuracy and Value!

Estimates are always free, when you schedule an estimate with Wayne’s Enterprises you can keep your credit card in your wallet, because we don’t charge for estimates like some of our competitors do.  Once our professional estimator completes your free estimate, you will receive by fax, email or US mail (whichever you prefer) your detailed written estimate. And if your happy with your estimate (most people usually are) we will then schedule your job right away, or at your earliest convenience. This is the Wayne’s difference, professionalism, accuracy and value!

Many in the construction trades often find that their job sites are filled with piles of dirt and debris as their projects progress, and especially as they near completion. Having large piles of dirt makes the job site potentially dangerous and often chews up valuable space needed for moving and storage of equipment and supplies needed for the job. Wayne’s Enterprises can provide expert dirt hauling services anywhere on Kauai. We offer same or next day service in many cases, ensuring we are there when you need us

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