Low Boy

Heavy Haul Trucking on Kauai

No matter the weight or size we can handle your Equipment,  Heavy Haul and Over Dimensional Load needs.


For all heavy haulers and over-dimensional freight we offer single and double drop step-decks, removable gooseneck trailers, low boy trailers, and multi-axle tractors. Some types of over-dimensional freight, depending on the state regulations  may be routed by the DOT and may require carriers to obtain a number of permits or be accompanied by chase cars, pole cars, flag cars, escorts, etc. Freight dimensions and weight will also change which types of trailers are required, how many axles the trailer must have, and how many axles the tractor requires.However difficult it may seem to move shipments such as these, with one easy call to Wayne’s Enterprises, we can guarantee you that no matter the weight or size we can accommodate your needs and place you in the care of an individual with specific knowledge of heavy haulers and over-dimensional freight.

We Repair Cars, Trucks & Heavy Equipment